Sightseeing in Toledo

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Sightseeing in Toledo

One look at the winding cobbled streets and the ancient architectural sites in Toledo, and you’ll know that the city has a fascinating past. This intriguing UNESCO world heritage site that sits along the Tagus River was once the capital of the Spanish empire, and it’s undoubtedly worth visiting on a trip to Spain. This old town was home to a large number of Christians, Muslims, and Jews - and all communities coexisted peacefully. The city abounds in beautiful mosques, Gothic cathedrals, and historic synagogues.

Ancient structures line both sides of the streets and transport you into a world you never knew existed. Some of the most popular attractions in Toledo include St. Juan of the Kings, the Cathedral, the city church hall of St. Tomé, the House Museum of Victorio Macho, and the Factory of Damasquino. There are several other interesting sites worth visiting. The Old Synagogue of St. Maria la Blanca and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento are good choices.

St. Juan of the Kings

A walking tour around the city will give you great insight into its past. We offer a Three Cultures in Toledo Walking Tour that takes you through the most important sites in this old town. St. Juan of the Kings is a monastery located towards the west of the city. It’s a good example of Gothic-Flemish architecture, and it dates back to the 16th century. One of the most unusual things you’ll see as you tour the monastery is a series of chains hanging from a wall on the exterior of the building. These chains are a symbol of victory. They were once worn by Christian prisoners who were later freed from Muslim Granada. If you’d like to explore Toledo and its historical sites, book a Toledo private tour. You’ll enjoy the ride around this imperial city in the comfort of a private car. You’ll also have a professional tour guide who will tell you everything you ought to know about the city.

The Cathedral

The main cathedral in Toledo will take your breath away. It’s not just the Gothic-Baroque style architecture that impresses. It’s also the great furnishings inside the Cathedral that catch the eye. Take a look at the carved wooden choir stalls, the amazing 10-foot high gilded monstrance in the Treasure Room, and the sacristy that showcases brilliant masterpieces created by some of the world’s best-known painters like Vélazquez, Raphael, and El Greco. This Cathedral is one of Spain’s top 10, and it’s a must-see in Toledo. If you have a few hours free, take a half day Toledo tour and travel back to Madrid for a Flamenco Show. We have a unique Toledo and Flamenco Show Packageavailable for a reasonable price. Once you’re back in Madrid, take a tour of the Royal Palace. We can arrange for a Private Guided visit to the Royal Palace if you’re up for it.

Church Hall of St. Tomé

Although the Church of St. Tomé dates back to the 12th century, it was rebuilt in the 14th century with the funds that were donated by Lord Orgaz. The church houses a masterpiece created by El Greco. This painting portrays the burial of Lord Orgaz and includes lifelike portraits of all the people who were present for the burial. The painting also depicts the posthumous assistance of Saint Stephen and Stain Augustine during the burial. Explore the Hall of St. Tomé on a Madrid and Toledo Private Car tour. You’ll have 8 hours of exploration to do. You could also join other passengers on a bus tour. Simply visit Madrid City Tours and reserve a Madrid Panoramic Tour & Toledo from the list.

The House Museum of Victorio Macho

The House Museum of Victorio Macho contains an excellent collection of sculptures, sketches, and drawings. If you’d like to learn more about Toledo’s history, this is a place you ought to visit.

Factory of Damasquino

Toledo isn’t only about museums, cathedrals, and architecture. You’ll see beautifully handcrafted plates and pieces of jewelry here, perfect examples of Damascene art. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about this Moorish gold and silver inlaying technique when you visit a factory in Toledo. Keep your wallets handy. The artifacts are ideal gifts to take back home. Take the opportunity to visit both Escorial and Toledo on our Escorial + Valley of the Fallen and Toledo tour. It’s an 11-hour tour including lunch. You’ll get to see some of the most famous sites along the way.

Toledo is full of attractions Ideal for all age groups. Make sure you uncover the secrets of its past and take pictures of its beautiful sights. If you prefer exploring Toledo on your own, take a look at our Toledo Your Own Way tour. It’s a half day tour, and you’ll be accompanied by an official tour guide on the trip to Toledo and back. If not, take the Tourist Train, sit back and learn interesting facts about Toledo and its history.