Restaurant Guide

Restaurants in Madrid

As in any capital, also in Madrid you are able to find a large variety of all types of food; Indonesian, Italian, Cuban, Chinese, etc. However, why want to try any of this if you can have amazing tapas and Spanish delights! Most tapas bars cater to the lunch crowd from noon to 4 p.m., then take a little break until opening for dinner (approx. from 8pm till very late). Areas of recommendation are Plaza. Santa Ana and all narrow streets around Puerta del Sol. But don't be mistaken, the loud, bright lighted, small bars with big TV's in dark streets might offer you the best tapas you can find. And cheap: for every drink you will receive at least 1 or 2 free plates of tapas! Tapas are mostly eaten instead of meals. However, you may feel like this just doesn't cut it for you and you are in need of some real food. If you are on a budget, you're in luck as cheap but good food isn't hard to find. Most restaurants will have daily set menus for about €10, which gets you a drink and a three course meal. If you are looking for something a little fancier, there are plenty of good paella, meet and vegetarian restaurants to be found on every corner of the city.

Cerveceria 100 Montaditos
C/Felipe V, 4 (metro Opera)
915 596 964
Price: 0-15 euros
Open: Mon-Fri from 09:00-00:00. Sat – Sun from 10:00-01:00

For an enormous choice of sandwiches (100), a low price and a fast service, you go to Cerveceria 100 Montaditos. You can find many throughout Madrid but this one offers the best view from the outside terrace; at night you can enjoy the illuminated Royal Palace while enjoying your drink. When you arrive, you fill in your name on a list together with the number and type of sandwiches you would like to order. The person behind the bar will shout out your name once your order is ready. Nice to know: every Wednesday beers and sandwiches are only 1 euro !

Chocolatería San Ginês
Pasadizo de San Ginês 5 (metro Sol)
913 656 546
Price: 0-10 euros
Open: Mon-Tues from 17:00-07:00. Wed-Sun from 10:00-07:00

The oldest and most well-known Chocolatería of the city is actually more of a hang out spot than a restaurant. Especially around 5 or 6 in the morning, when youth is done clubbing, the place is packed. For many to be concerned the best churros in town.

Arrocería Gala
Calle Moratín, 22 (metro Anton Martín)
914 292 562
Price: 15-30 euros
Open: Tuesday – Sunday from 13:30-16:00 & 20:30-23:00 

This paella restaurant offers a very cozy Mediterranean atmosphere. From around 15 euros you can try all types of rice dishes and of course typical paella. The restaurant is ideal for groups as you can share the huge pans of paella all together and it would be a waste to only try one! The place itself is divided in two areas. The entrance is special for its realist paintings but there is also a spacious patio which is covered with many plants and gives you a very romantic 'garden- feeling'.

El Tigre
Calle infantas 30 (metro Gran Vía)
918 819 901
Price: 0-20 euros
Open: Wed-Mon from 12:00-02:30

Simple looking bar in the hip area of Chueca but extremely popular under the local youth in Madrid . The tapas are very good, the portions are big and the prices are low. With every caña (small beer) you get a tapa and after 3 beers you are actually done for dinner. After dinner this a nice place to hang around and start your night out of town.

Cafê Gijón

Paseo Recoletos, 21 (metro Banco de España)
915 215 425
Price: 35-50 euros
Open: daily from 07:00-01:30 (weekends until 02:00)

Legendary literary cafê with nice summer terrace. People have been coming here for over a century relaxing with a coffee, a drink, lunch or dinner (lunch and dinner are being served inside). Recommended for its shellfish and paella but has some nice churros as well!

La Terraza del Casino
Alcalá 15 (metro Sevilla)
915 321 275
Price: 50-90 euros
Open: Mon-Fri from 13:30-16:00 & 21:00-23:45.
Saturday from 21:00-23:45. Closed on Sundays and in August.
La Terraza del Casino is a 1- 'Michelin' star - restaurant with a modern Spanish kitchen . It lies on the top floor of Madrid's Casino and provides a panoramic view of the city. Since 1998, the restaurant has been managed by Ferrán Adrià (the chef from restaurant El Bulli, one of the world's best restaurants) and makes dining here a true experience.

Museo de Jamon
Carrera San Jerónimo, 1 (metro Sol)
915 210 346
Price: 0-15 euros 
Open: daily from 09:00-00:00 

Spread throughout the city, the Museo del Jamón is an institution in Madrid for quick tasty and cheap food. However, in this case you shouldn't think of hamburgers or fries but of delicious hams, ranging from all the standard hams to the pricey Pata Negra. The good thing about this restaurant (and the charm of it) is that you can actually see your hams hanging from the ceiling. There is a possibility to sit down and have a proper lunch, however most Madrileños hang around the bar and order their 'raciones' standing while enjoying a beer.

Plaza Independencia 4 (metro Retiro)
914 351 666 
Price: 15-35 euros
Open: Tues-Sat from 13:30-15:30 & from 21:00-00:00

Close to the Retiro park you will find Ramses, a very popular "all in one" spot which offers a small restaurant, bistro and club. It is known for its spectacular interior and the good food so you might want to reserve a table in advance.

The Junkclub
Costanilla san andrês 12 (metro La Latina)
671 541 822
Price: 10-25 euros
Open: Tues-Sun from 14:00-02:00 

If you want to go somewhere different and avoid the tourists, check out the Junkclub, a 'secret' restaurant! Officially it is not even there since it is hidden in the basement of restaurant La Musa. The Junkclub is an easy going restaurant with a nice interior of vintage furniture, good snacks and nice staff. Reserving in advance is obligatory!

Real Cafê Bernabeu
Avenida Concha Espina, 1 (metro Santiago Bernabeu)
Puerta 30 of Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
914 583 667
Price: 20-45 euros
Open: daily from 10:00-02:00 

From the big windows of the Real Cafê Bernabeu you have the perfect view on the stadium's football field. Unfortunately the restaurant is closed during match times. The cafê serves meat, fish, pasta tapas and rice. Interested in a short stop only? This cafê offers a separate bar section for drinks.

Cafê Oliver

Calle almirante 12 (metro Chueca)
915 217 379
Price:15-35 euros
Open: daily except Sundays from 13:00-16:00 and from 21:00-00:00 (Fridays and Saturday until 01:00)

A combination of French, Spanish and Moroccan food. Founded in 1966, the restaurant is classic and popular in the hip Chueca area. The decoration is still very traditional, the food great. Hang around after dinner and enjoy their delicious cocktails!

Midnight Rose Restaurant
Plaza Santa Ana 14 (metro Antón Martín or Sol) 
917 016 020
Price: 15-50 euros
Open from: daily from 10:00-02:00 (lounge) or Mon
Sat from 21:00-03:00 and Sun from 13:00-01:00 (penthouse bar) 

Located in one of Madrid's most vibrant areas Plaza Santa Ana, Midnight Rose offers a comfortable but very stylish restaurant/bar/lounge. This restaurant offers signature tapas (for example Mango Foie Candy and Artichoke Heart Carpaccio) while accompanying you with trendy music. After your dinner, join the crowd to the penthouse bar where you enjoy a nice cocktail while looking out on Plaza Santa Ana.

Taberna Kaixo
Calle Barcelona 12 (metro Sol)
915 232 133
Price: 0-25 euros
Open: daily from 13:00-01:30 

Cute and cozy restaurant in the heart of the city centre. They offer a nice terrace with flowers and serve great sandwiches during the day. Cheap lunch is very possible here since they serve good €10-day menus.

La Capilla de la Bolsa
Calle de la bolsa 12 (metro Tirsa de Molina)
915 218 623
Price: 45-90 euros
Open: Tues-Sun from 13:30-17:00 and 20:30-23:30 (closed on Tuesday afternoons)
La Capilla de la Bolsa is located in a medieval chapel and has a stunning interior. The main dining room has preserved a classical Baroque style and life music is provided during dinner. The setting is completed by lighting which changes every few minutes. At the moment one of the most beautiful and expensive restaurants in Madrid.

La Taberna de la Daniela Bernabeu
Calle de Gutiêrrez Solana, 2 (metro Santiago Bernabeu)
914 115 861
Price: 15-45 euros 

Open: Sun-Thurs from 12:00-16:30 and 20:00-00:00. Fri & Sat from 12:00-16:30 and 20:00-01:00 Last but not least a personal favorite. A typical restaurant in Madrid with typical food and typical people. Next to the Real Madrid stadium you will find this nice bar, with an interior of yellow and blue tiles and very friendly staff. Tapas are very tasty and the portions are large. Great 'Tinto de Verano' (red wine mixed with softdrink) here as well. Just a nice place with simple but great Spanish tapas.