Club Guide

Clubs in Madrid

Just like in the rest of Spain, people in Madrid go out very late. Dinner starts around 22:00, after this most Madrileños head out to the city for some drinks. They will not enter any club usually before 02:00. Most clubs close around 05:00 or 06:00, some even at 07:00. Tradition is to get something to eat after, for example typical 'churros'. There are several areas in Madrid where the nightlife is concentrated. Around Sol you find the most clubs and biggest crowd. Most bars and cafés are located at Plaza Santa Ana and around, in Huertas. In the Malasaña area you will find more local (cheap) bars and a laid back atmosphere where as Chueca offers many loud bars and clubs. The La Latina district offers many relaxed spots to have a drink or cocktail including small tapas. For more 'upscale' clubbing, you better go to the Retiro and Salamanca area where clubs are generally more expensive and somewhat older people are to be found.

Joy Eslava 
Calle Arenal 11 (Metro Sol)
913 663 733
Open: daily from 23:30-05:00. Friday and Saturday from 23:30-06:00
Joy is the most well-known club in town, if not only because of the great location in the city centre. As it used to be a theatre, the building is very impressive from the inside. The music is trendy house/dance music and on Thursdays students enter for free (if inside before 01:30).

Calle de Atocha 125 (Metro Atocha)
914 470 128 
Open: Thurs-Sun from 00:00-07:00 

Clubbing in Kapital brings 7 different floors and many different music styles: house on the main dance floor, soul (funk and R&B) on the 3rd & 4th floors and Spanish music (salsa, Spanish hits) on the 5th floor. Furthermore, you will find nice areas with bars and lounge seats. Animators and Go Go dancers top the night off making it quite the experience!

Calle de Barceló 11 (Metro Tribunal)
914 470 128
Open: Wed-Sat from 00:00-05:30 

The famous Pacha opened its doors in 1980 on a perfect location in the city centre. Nowadays it's much known for its classy style and art deco interior. Clubbers are encouraged to dress to impress so be aware! The club offers house music, R&B, Rock and classics from the 80's and 90's.

Avenida de la Indústria 82 (Metro Fuenlabrada, then bus 496 or 497)
699 909 681
Open: Saturday from 11:00-06:00 

Fabrik is considered to be one of the best clubs in the world and it's not surprising why! The club offers 4 dance areas, secure parking, a terrace with 2 dance areas and 15 bars. Besides that, the club houses many famous national and international superstar-dj's such as Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Tiesto and Ben Sims. The only downside to this club is that it's located quite far from the city centre. First take the metro to Fuenlabrada and then bus 496 or 497. Going back you must either take a taxi or wait till the first bus and metro have arrived.

Ciudad de Barcelona 2 (Metro Atocha)
915 060 256
Open: May-September. Wed-Sun on varied times 

Located directly below the train station, this club is part lounge club/part disco. It is one of the more upscale clubs with an older and slightly more 'fancy' crowd. The place itself is beautiful including an outside terrace, 10 bars and two dance floors and is exotically decorated with beds, lounge areas and Hindu shrines. The main sound is techno music.

Palacio de Gaviria
Calle Arenal 9 (Metro Sol)
915 266 069
Open: 00:00-06:00

Close to Puerta del Sol, you can find Palacio Gaviria, an impressive building from the 19th Century and inspired by the Italian Renaissance. During the day the building is open to the public as a concert hall and a late night cocktail bar. During the night, (usually Thursdays through Saturdays) every type of music can be heard from the tango to dance music. Thursday the club offers a (foreign) student night with salsa, cabaret and Spanish techno.

El Sol
Calle de los Jardines 3 (Metro Gran Via)
915 326 490
Open: Tues-Sat from 00:00-05:30

Popular among the Spanish youth and most famous for its big variation in different bands performing weekly. The main sound is 70s music, funk and bossanova.

Calle Jose Abascal (Metro Gregorio Marañon)
645 020 851 
Open: Thurs – Sat starting at 00:00

Very fancy nightclub (no jeans or trainers allowed!) with a very stylish decor. The music is a mix of pop and house and the drinks are very expensive (+/- €15 euros per drink!). During the day and evening, the Moma is opened as a bar/restaurant from 13:30-16:30 and from 20:45-00:30.

Plaza de la Estacion de Chamartin (Metro Chamartin)
917 333 505 
Open: Thurs – Sat from 00:00-06:00. Sunday opened the whole day 

This club was designed for the real party people: over 1600 square meters, Go-Go dancers and an incredible sound system! The club closes at 06:00 but re-opens at 09:00 am on Sundays for the diehard clubbers that can't get enough! Be aware that some nights (usually Sundays) are considered the gay-nights including party boys in the pool.