Gourmet Madrid: food and drinks

Gourmet Madrid: food and drinks

In this city, gastronomy is culture, leisure and business. There is a vast range of culinary variety on offer: Madrid accepts all types of influences from all types of cooking. It does have its own dishes which, although they did not originate in this area, have become “madrileño” over time. You can find everything, from traditional homemade dishes to the most innovative and creative cuisine. The traveler, who visits their local bars, will see that for the locals of Madrid, breakfast consists of white coffee and toast and butter or oil. However, more importantly, the traveler will see that the “madrileño” has a passion for the slender, curly fingers called “churros” or the larger “porras”.


The typical midmorning snack is a slice of potato omelet accompanied by a small glass of beer called a “caña”. When enjoying the Spanish custom known as “tapeo” – going from bar to bar eating tapas, the visitor will discover that although Madrid is a totally interior region, the locals have a weakness for seafood. There is a healthy pastime in Madrid: having your aperitif with a small side order of food, the tapa. This wonderful pursuit is one of the most important chapters in fully understanding and enjoying the pleasures of eating out in Madrid. Each area of Madrid has its own underlying style of bar and by extension, its own particular style of tapas. Prawns, which can be boiled, grilled, “con gabardina” (cooked in beer), or served with garlic sauce, mussels, which can be steamed or pickled, fresh anchovies in vinegar and bonito which is also pickled are the most popular “tapas” dishes, although they are certainly not the only ones: croquettes and mini-casseroles with almost every ingredient you can imagine are also found among the region’s typical tapas dishes. We are lucky enough to enjoy international food from all over the globe, made with the best raw ingredients, and the stoves of the city offer some of the most surprising dishes of modern cuisine.


Enjoy tapas & wines in Madrid


Going out for tapas is one of the most enjoyable traditions of our city. In this leaflet we tell you everything you need to know to be able to tapearlike the locals: what to order (calamari, cod, tripe…), the best places to go, and the unmissable culinary events held in the city.


Madrid´s gastronomy


Madrid, food capital of Spain, is home to a vast array of culinary options ranging from traditional national dishes to the most sophisticated and avant-garde creations. The whole of Spain is well represented in its restaurants, where specialties from other cities and regions are lovingly prepared, sending your taste buds into overdrive and allowing you to travel across the entire country without getting up from your seat.

  • Century old taverns & restaurants
  • Traditional restaurants
More than just markets

By all means fill your shopping basket, but leave time to meet up with friends for morning coffee, enjoy some oysters with champagne, catch an art exhibition or buy a bunch of flowers to brighten up your home. This is the concept behind two markets that have revamped both their appearance and their philosophy. These markets are places lined with little bars where you can try the best and most varied examples of national and international gourmet food, get yourself a take-away or eat in and soak up the fantastic atmosphere.


Restaurant with a Michelin´s Star

For lovers of gastronomy and restaurant owners in many European countries, theMichelin Guide is a Bible, a document which is the hallmark of gastronomic perfection, and which can transform the finest chefs into truly galactic artists.


Vegetarían Restaurants

Madrid boasts plenty of options for those who choose not to eat meat, milk or eggs, or who simply enjoy cuisine based on vegetarian ingredients. Recently, more and more restaurants that promote vegetarian cuisine have opened up in the city offering elaborately prepared recipes which yield innovative and very tasty dishes combining basic ingredients such as fresh fruits, vegetables, seitan or tofu.


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