Carnival in Spain

Carnival in Spain

The Carnival in Spain is full of smiles and fun, where you may run into superheroes, medieval knights, pirates, clowns or zombies as you walk through the street. Carnival in Spain is known for its vibrant costumes and masks; although the Carnival celebration in Spain is not as esthetically beautiful as in Venice nor as over the top and dance orientated as in Brazil. 

The carnivals that are particularly worth experiencing for their originality, beauty and their spectacular displays are the festivities in Cadiz, in Andalusia, and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, both internationally renowned and declared of International Tourist Interest. An exhilarating festival celebrated in numerous places all over Spain. In northern Spain, in Galicia celebrate ‘antroido orentroido’ and in Asturias the festival is known as ‘antroxu’; all originating from Celtic celebrations.  The hallmarks of the Cadiz carnival are the typical songs full of irony and social criticism. Meanwhile the capital of the island of Tenerife hosts one of the most important carnivals in the world. Experience the glamour in the parades where imagination, fantasy and the spectacular costumes of the candidates for the carnival queen will take your breath away. You’ll also find other carnival celebrations in the Canary Islands such as the one in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. And another event is the festivity of “Los Indianos” in Santa Cruz, the city re-enacts the return to their homeland of the islanders who emigrated to South America (known as the “Indianos”).  The Carnival del Toro (Bull’s Carnival) of Ciudad Rodrigo, a city located in Castile and Leon, has some of the most original Carnival traditions in all of Spain. Combines traditional running of the bulls events with Carnival. Perhaps the most intensely celebrated Carnival event in Spain likely takes place in southern Spain and the Canary Islands. The largest fiestas are found in Cadiz, in Andalusia, and Tenerife in the island of Las Palmas. The festivities in these parts of Spain attract the largest amounts of people. Another Carnival tradition is the election of the Carnival Queen. These events are similar to traditional beauty pageants in which beauty, originality and the meticulous costumes are taken into account.

But there are numerous other carnival festivities in Spain, almost all of them original and all of them guaranteeing generous doses of fun, humour, creativity and group participation. Why not see for yourself?

The event allows people to dress up, change their identity and feel freer than during the rest of the year. Participants dress according to their possibilities and imagination and take to the streets. Crazy days in which nothing is what it seems and anyone can become whoever or whatever they have always dreamed about being.